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s02e03 Mikael Hylin

av Stream Close Up | Publicerades 9/20/2018

Mikael Hylin is in for his Stream Close Up on this week’s episode. Mikael is a storyteller who has spent the last decade conducting a deep dive into the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. His latest project is a seven part series Palme: Träsket och Mordrättegångarna that examines all available evidence and includes exclusive interviews with key players in the investigation. It is a follow up to his 2006 documentary, I Saw the Murder of Olof Palme Before he became a renowned documentary film maker, Mikael had a hand in forming reality TV as we know it today, and also found the time to create a beloved Swedish children’s film and TV franchise. He has been writing, directing and producing feature film and television for the past 30 years. Mikael joins Brian to walk through his journey from member of a comedy theatre troop to master documentarian and explore some interesting stops along the way. Follow us on Twitter: @StreamCloseUp

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