Strong Christian Female

Ep 51: The Inspiration of St. Patrick

av Strong Christian Female | Publicerades 4/4/2021

This is a story of an Italian man living on a British Estate stolen by Irish pirates and sold into slavery. This is the story of St. Patrick.If you're like me, you never really heard about "St. Patrick" growing up. Sure, there was St. Patrick's Day - shamrocks, leprechauns, and gold at the end of rainbows. But, the true story of St. Patrick wasn't something I ever heard or understood.However, if you're also like me, you like hero stories. Stories of people overcoming adversity and becoming better people to overcome evils of the world. This is that kind of story.Give it a quick listen. And be inspired to look adversity in face, seek God, forgive your oppressors... and change a nation forever. 

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