Strong Christian Female

Ep 53: The Lie of Powerlessness

av Strong Christian Female | Publicerades 4/18/2021

Have you ever felt powerless over the things around you? It's true that our actions are under our control. And the consequences of those actions are the harvest we reap from the things we have sewn.  If we overeat, our bodies will do what they are created to do and store that extra fuel for another day. Or, if we stay up late watching movies, we will be tired. Or, if we spend every dollar we make on things we don't actually need, we will run out of money and perhaps feel desperate.  These are things we have control over, even if we don't like the consequences.However, what about the things you truly don't have control over? Perhaps it is an illness you're facing, or the sudden loss of a job because the economy tanked, or even the return of temptation time and time again. These are things that often come out of no one and de-rail us if we allow them to take control of our lives. The problem is, things will come against us beyond the circumstances we create. And, although we can learn self-control and wisdom to manage the things in our power, it's the things beyond our choices that can make us feel as if God has left us to flounder.But He hasn't. He never has. In this episode we talk about the idea of powerlessness and what God says about it. We use the idea of what we speak to reflect the truth of where it is we place our faith.Powerless, like other lies the enemy has sold God's people, is a lie. We are not powerless. Through Jesus Christ, we have power over sin and death - in every area of our lives. Let's talk about how to recognize powerlessness and how to stop it in our lives.

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