Strong Christian Female

Ep 62: The Lie of "The Inevitable"

av Strong Christian Female | Publicerades 6/27/2021

Have you ever seen people with a fatalistic world view? Similar to "karma", they believe more in the idea of "what will be will be" and far less about our stance in Jesus over the circumstances that surround us. The challenging part is not so much those in the world believing this, but those in the church.But, what does the Bible say about how we are to take on our lives and the world around us? Does God share our fatalistic, pre-determined, mostly powerless stance in life? Or does He have a far different message for us?Today we talk about the vantage point our lives are to have in Jesus Christ. And, good news... it's not the lies we are often told by our media, our co-workers or even some believers.Scriptures used in podcast:I John 5:4-5Romans 8:37I Corinthians 15:57Ephesians 6:16Romans 12:2Psalm 60:12John 10:10Job 36:11Ephesians 4:30Romans 16:20I John 2:15

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