Releasing Miss Independent

Can a woman be too independent? Tamika McTier, podcast host, author and transformational coach, discusses healthy independence and dysfunctional independence. Tamika addresses the effect that toxic independence can have on a relationship and provides listeners with some tips to release Miss Independent. Not all of her! Just the unnecessary parts.   Connect with me: Dr. Zoe Shaw on Instagram Dr. Zoe Shaw on Facebook   Don’t forget! Text the word “strong” to 38470 to get on my newsletter for monthly inspiration, tips, and encouragement for sometimes struggling superwomen. 

Om Podcasten

Dr. Zoe, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach walks with you on your journey through fixing your difficult relationships, including that sometimes difficult one with yourself. Here, she offers a space where you can look at yourself and your relationship through a lens of psychology, faith and a dash of her own kind of feminism. Stronger in the broken places podcasts hosts guest from all over the world, from celebrity tv therapists to everyday women, authors and scientists, offering therapeutic tips, encouragement, camaraderie and support, helping women stay strong and transform difficult relationships. We’re not fixing them, we’re fixing you and that changes everything! Ask Dr. Zoe a burning relationship question Or find her on Instagram @drzoeshaw