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Keeping up with how student debt is changing in this country can be a headache. That’s why I want to help you figure out how to use the existing system to your benefit right now in ways that could be life-changing. Today, I’m answering quite a few listener questions — lots of our listeners had Parent PLUS Loans on their minds, and maybe you do, too. Then, I dive into the Biden Plan for “free public college,” which may not be exactly what it sounds like, but you could still massively benefit if you set up a plan that uses your current situation to your benefit.  In today’s episode, you'll find out: What is the double consolidation loophole   Advice on Parent PLUS Loans for parents Does the advice apply to private student loans If you should continue with the loophole method  How to navigate student loan repayment as things continue to change Whether you should file your taxes separately or joint-file How much the new tax plan could cost Biden’s plan for “free public college” and how to use it to your advantage How to provide an inheritance to your kids How to pay back your student loans Links mentioned:    Got a student loan question? Leave me a voicemail Parent PLUS Loan double consolidation loophole  Get a student loan plan   Like the show? There are several ways you can help! Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts  Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn   Feeling helpless when it comes to your student loans? Try our free student loan calculator Check out our refinancing bonuses we negotiated Book your custom student loan plan Do you have a question about student loans? Leave us a voicemail here or email us at and we might feature it in an upcoming show!  

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Travis helps you navigate the insane world of student loans, especially if you owe $50,000 to $1 million. If you've ever spent too much time on the phone with your loan servicer, this is the show for you. Every week we share tips on loan forgiveness, investing, crushing debt, and how to get to financial freedom when you owe more than most people's mortgage.