How Congress Could End the Student Loan Pause and Cancellation

In this episode, I’m diving into some PSLF regulations that specifically affect physicians in California and Texas. Many of them work for for-profit companies that serve nonprofit hospitals, and the new rules coming out in July 2023 could have a big impact on PSLF eligibility. Next up is another listener's situation regarding consolidating Parent Plus Loans with graduate school debt. We'll also be covering some Parent Plus strategies that can be beneficial for parents. I’ll also be jumping into the exciting world of Congress and their possible plan to repeal the student loan pause and cancellation. Don't worry, I'll break down what this means for borrowers and what happens when President Biden blocks it. Plus, we'll explore the Congressional Review Act and some juicy details of the ongoing student loan lawsuits. In today’s episode, you'll find out: The new PSLF regulations that come out in July 2023 that could change student loan repayment strategies for physicians in California and Texas When you should consolidate Parent Plus Loans with graduate loans and when to keep them separate Who the Parent Plus Loan strategy works the best for How Congress might end the student loan pause and student loan cancellation Why some senators might vote against the cancellation and IDR programs  The chances that President Biden could veto the bill to end the programs An update on the Supreme Court's ruling on the student loan cancellation plan When I think they’ll really end the student loan payment pause Why student loan borrowers can still benefit, despite the uncertainty Links mentioned:  Consolidate your federal student loans

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