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Transforming How You View and Manage Money with Jesse Mecham of YNAB

Jesse Mecham is the founder of YNAB (You Need a Budget). Referring to the business as “an education company that masquerades as a software company,” Jesse created YNAB as a guide to money and an accountability tool that helps its users improve their spending habits, eliminate debt, and save more money. Listen in as Jesse shares his path to success and lessons learned as an entrepreneur. We’ll also talk about his advice on financial planning and buying a house in 2021, saving and building your wealth as parents, and becoming more confident in your spending overall. In today’s episode, you'll find out: YNAB’s mission and how its software helps improve your spending The most common questions and concerns people have around budgeting and cash flow in a post-pandemic world How to navigate the housing market as prices continue to rise YNAB’s Four-Rule Method that transforms how you view and manage money How and when to give yourself permission to splurge on a big purchase, free of guilt Considerations around childcare costs   Like the show? There are several ways you can help! Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts  Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn   Feeling helpless when it comes to your student loans? Try our free student loan calculator Check out our refinancing bonuses we negotiated Book your custom student loan plan

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