Podcast 308 - #1 Listener Topic: Help Me Find My Intuition So I Can Align With My Highest Path!

YouTube Videos on Muscle Testing: Fred Dodson’s Technique: Self Muscle Testing: True vs Falsehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42RFgI0cf4c&t=319sPerelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique (PKTT)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQXVT-HvKNg&t=2sEnjoy the Journey! Thomas

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Start at the beginning (episode #1)....this is an audio-Journey of someone who hit life's bottom later in life, re-programmed his fundamental Christian upbringing, and found an entirely new way of living successfully and fulfilled. This is an on-going story, with twists, turns, victories, bumps, and always lessons. It explores the Subconscious Mind's impact on our lives and how it controls outcomes without us having to lift a finger. This is about Energy, Subconscious Programming, the Law of Attraction, Intuition, Redemption and new ways of living! The message of this podcast is.....it is never too late to make massive changes in your life and start living a new life now! Thomas is also the narrator of over 30 audiobooks for author Fred Dodson and astrologer Steven Forrest. Join Thomas Miller as we "Enjoy the Journey!"Intro music by special commission © 2013-2022.