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Positive People Vol 5 #GGG

av Suitor's Positive People #GGG | Publicerades 12/16/2020

Volume 5 in my Positive People Series. I enjoy many Genres of music... but if you ask me what flows inside my veins... its Uplifting 138bpm Trance... This music inspires me. Play it loud! Feel it! #PositivityTrack Listing1. Holy Waters - Times like these ( Extended Mix)2. Sly One -This Late Stage3. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix)4. Ciaran McAuley - Tears5. Fast Distance - Promise You (Maria Healy Ext Mix)6. Rated R - Forever7. Mark Sherry - My Love (outburst Vocal)8. Billy Gillies - Touch Me Rework9. John O'C - Find Your Self10. Key 4050 - Alka (Kearney Mix) Bonus Track11. Darren Glancy - Follow Me in the Shadows.

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TAILOR | MOTIVATOR | DJ | MCFollow @chrissuitorggg on Socials my #PositivePeople series. You can search this hashtag on Instagram.Stand Guard at the door of your mind... only let in what serves you well...and let the melody sink into your soul. This is mindset music. So, Get up, Get out Get at it... and make life happen xx