Sunday Brunch

Ep 1. New Years Resolution

av Sunday Brunch | Publicerades 1/2/2020

What is a new years resolution? And how can we maintain our resolutions throughout the year?   Many of us fail to continue our resolutions past February, March or even January, why is that? What steps should we take to stick to our resolutions?  In this episode Sayed Jawad Qazwini and sister Zayneb Barakat discuss the best ways to plan, initiate and act on our resolutions. We find out which resolutions we should be prioritizing and how this will make us successful individuals. Sayed Jawad shares the top secrets to successfully achieve your goals step by step.  Tune in to this weeks episode of Sunday Brunch as you find out the way to become a better version of yourself.

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Sunday Brunch is a weekly talk show that discusses the most contemporary issues in our day to day lives. Join Sayed M. Jawad Qazwini as he explores current topics along with Sister Zaynab Barakat. Sayed Jawad brings light to these topics through the modern Islamic lens. This show aims to unite the family and create a healthy discussion amongst all family members and friends every Sunday.