Sunday Brunch

Ep 3. Gun Control Laws

av Sunday Brunch | Publicerades 1/26/2020

Are you pro or anti gun control laws? One of the most highly discussed topics in the modern world is Gun control laws. Tune in to this weeks episode as Sayed Jawad Qazwini and Sister Zaynab Barakat discuss the dangers of firearms and why they need to be banned. They examine gun control laws and how they have affected the lives of millions of people worldwide especially in countries that celebrate and encourage the ownership of firearms. They touch upon mass shootings, such as the ChristChurch mosque shooting, the many school shootings in the united states and the topic of law enforcement killing innocent civilians. They discuss why guns should not be easily accessible or should be banned like the many countries that have already banned them. Sayed Jawad tells us about the lessons we can learn from Imam Ali (as) and the way he governed and how we can apply these lessons to our modern day societies.

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Sunday Brunch is a weekly talk show that discusses the most contemporary issues in our day to day lives. Join Sayed M. Jawad Qazwini as he explores current topics along with Sister Zaynab Barakat. Sayed Jawad brings light to these topics through the modern Islamic lens. This show aims to unite the family and create a healthy discussion amongst all family members and friends every Sunday.