Sunday Brunch

Ep 4. Coping With Depression

av Sunday Brunch | Publicerades 2/2/2020

What do you know about mental health?  Mental health is a highly neglected topic of discussion, especially in the muslim community, Sayed Jawad Qazwini and Sister Zaynab Barakat decide to dedicate this episode to the different ways of coping with depression. They discuss why depression is such a dangerous and life threatening illness, as well as the reaction the Muslim community has to this invisible illness. They also touch upon the way our Islamic centres can bring more awareness to the topic of mental health, as well as the specific groups of people that are more vulnerable to having depression. They also mention the dangers of loneliness, which is a leading cause of depression. Tune in to this weeks episode which seeks to bring light to this illness which is taking the lives of millions.

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Sunday Brunch is a weekly talk show that discusses the most contemporary issues in our day to day lives. Join Sayed M. Jawad Qazwini as he explores current topics along with Sister Zaynab Barakat. Sayed Jawad brings light to these topics through the modern Islamic lens. This show aims to unite the family and create a healthy discussion amongst all family members and friends every Sunday.