Sunday Brunch

EP 5. Coronavirus Outbreak

av Sunday Brunch | Publicerades 2/9/2020

The entire world goes into a state emergency, after an invisible enemy starts killing thousands of people. The Coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19 has claimed the lives of thousands people and has infected hundreds of thousands of people so far. It has left millions of people in a state of panic and fear worldwide. This highly contagious virus is spreading at an incredible rate and with no vaccine to stop it, entire countries have gone into full lockdown. It has crashed economies and broken health care systems and left many people unemployed. On this week’s Sunday Brunch episode, Sayed Jawad Qazwini and Sister Zaynab Barakat give us an insight on the deadly virus called COVID-19.

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Sunday Brunch is a weekly talk show that discusses the most contemporary issues in our day to day lives. Join Sayed M. Jawad Qazwini as he explores current topics along with Sister Zaynab Barakat. Sayed Jawad brings light to these topics through the modern Islamic lens. This show aims to unite the family and create a healthy discussion amongst all family members and friends every Sunday.