Sunday Brunch

Ep 7. Saving Earth, Kindness To Nature

av Sunday Brunch | Publicerades 3/1/2020

Does Islam ever mention the importance of protecting our environment and wild life? What does the Prophet Mohammad teach us about how we should treat nature?  Sayed Jawad Qazwini and Sister Zaynab Barakat share lessons, stories and hadiths that inspire us to take care of our planet. Sayed Jawad speaks about the good deeds one gets for planting trees and being kind to the environment. He also discusses the worship and glorification of plants to their creator, as well touches upon being excessive and wasteful and the negative impacts of this not only our planet but our spirituality. Lastly he mentions a very important but relevant topic and it is our wasteful habits during the Arbaeen pilgrimage. Tune in to find out how we can better appreciate and take care of our beautiful planet. 

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Sunday Brunch is a weekly talk show that discusses the most contemporary issues in our day to day lives. Join Sayed M. Jawad Qazwini as he explores current topics along with Sister Zaynab Barakat. Sayed Jawad brings light to these topics through the modern Islamic lens. This show aims to unite the family and create a healthy discussion amongst all family members and friends every Sunday.