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Accounting for Entrepreneurs With Clayton Achen

In today’s Super Entrepreneurs Podcast episode, I am joined by Clayton Achen, the founder, and leader of Achen Henderson CPAs, an accounting firm located in Chicago. Achen Henderson supports retail franchises, businesses, and individuals with their accounting and tax reporting needs.   Helping Startups Clayton talks about his company’s role in helping startups. He says they help draft agreements between businesses and other clients, set up corporate structures, and set up accounting systems for the firms, and teach them how to run them.   Types of Businesses Engaged  He says that his company deals with startups to established businesses, those with low and high revenues as they help them sort their accounting issues and manage their back office.   Wins and Downsides Clayton talks about the wins and downsides they have faced. He highlights that they count their wins based on their clients’ wins. He also states that they have met flips as about 30 companies in the energy sector have had to close down.   Passion in Business Clayton talks about his passion for business and accounting. He says that he joined business school and has an accounting background of about 15 years. This, he says, has helped him establish and run the company.   Company’s Growth Our guest talks about the growth his company has gone through. He states how they started small in 2013 and how their accounting practice strength has led them to where they are today.   Recommendation on Industries to Venture. Clayton says that an entrepreneur decides to venture into business, it depends on their passion and self-assessment of what they are capable of and what it takes to keep a business going.   Successful Startup He says that to set up a successful start-up, one should be well-capitalized. This will help him hire the right help and avoid doing all the work and focusing on what’s important.   Having the Right Mindset He adds that entrepreneurs focus on managing instead of leading. He says that they should adopt a sheep mentality and be leaders.   Mission, Vision, and Core values Clayton talks that for a business to be successful, a clear outline of why it exists, what it aims to achieve, what it does to achieve, and how team members interact with each other should be set . Tune in and listen to Clayton talking about: [02:09] Helping startups [04:48] Type of business they deal with [06:48] Wins and downsides [08:16] Passion for business [08:47] Growth [11:09] Recommendations [13:50] Key to a successful startup [14:40] Mindset [15:49] Missions, Vision and Core values    Links Website - Email - Linkedin -

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