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Building a Sustainable World with Aaron Kuchirka

Aaron Kuchirka is the Chief Economist and Founder of Climate Smart Solutions, a startup that focuses on climate risk management, positions organizations for the changing climate and the possible effects. The company helps provide meaningful solutions to society while using technology and different forms of innovative thinking.   Aaron has had the opportunity to interact and partner with different organizations like Quest Tech.    Something fascinating about Aron is that they purchased an old church to use in serving the community.   Tag along and get to hear Aaron talk about: Effects of climatic change Providing solutions to mitigate the effects. Impacts of Climatic Change Aaron explains that we have climatic impacts that have been happening forever. However, he continues to say that we are in a period where impacts such as storms or flooding hit an extreme like never before. Climate Smart Solutions provides ways to mitigate and prevent these impacts.   He gives an example of the Hailstorm that occurred in Calgary in 2020. People went through insurable damages and losses, and, unfortunately, it’s still likely to occur if nothing is done to mitigate such impacts.  What Climate Solutions Does the Organization Offer? Aaron’s organization finds a solution by performing risk assessments and calculating the ROI of mitigating that risk. They provide suggestions and bring along technological aspects that can solve the issue.   He further says that the company also works towards transforming waste into energy while incorporating necessary technologies. One excellent example is how to manage landfills and deal with trash. About the Church House Aaron tells us about how his family moved to Fruitvale, British Columbia, to a church property that they purchased.   He says that it has been fantastic spending time together as a family, especially during this challenging COVID period.   How do they plan to use the church? They have not yet settled on a specific idea for the church space but are currently working on building and recreating it. Aaron’s Superpower Being intentional and positive and focusing on how to move forward. “Fearless forward.” Timestamps [0:26] The mission of Climate Smart Solutions [2:35] Does Climate change really matter? [4:48] Impacts of climatic change [7:28] Smart solutions [12:28] The church [15:50] Dealing with mental health [17:00] Advice to entrepreneurs Notable Quotes The sky's the limit   Focus on your problem and marry it with your passion, then go out and do it, don’t talk about it too long; the execution is where it really happens. Connect with Aaron Website - Twitter - LinkedIn -  

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