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Monetizing Your Passion with Lindsey Nadler

In this episode of the Super Entrepreneurs Podcast, I am joined by Lindsey Nadler, a life and business coach and the Make Your Passion Pay You Podcast host.  Lindsey’s podcast is specifically for female entrepreneurs that want to do what they love. Lindsey is an entrepreneur at heart and loves teaching women how to pursue their passion and live a life by design. She releases new coaching episodes every week and shares tips, strategies, and tools to build your business online.   Tune in as we dive deep discussing: Why she focuses on women Creating multiple streams of passive income Getting your first foot into online business   Lindsey’s journey and her focus on women As an Ex-police officer and having entrepreneurship at heart, Lindsey says she wanted to be more impactful than she was in the industry. Lindsey says seeing women being oppressed and suppressed with unnecessary labels made her develop the heart to help them.   Creating multiple streams of income In this episode, she talks about how women can create multiple passive income streams while staying on top of everything. She gives them tips and strategies on how to approach this without getting overwhelmed.   Getting into online business Lindsey also shares how one can get their online business off and running as beginners, the resources available for them, and how to focus on the business with confidence and a healthy mindset. Lindsey has made all the courses that you may need for your journey available on her website. She finishes off by admitting that speaking on stage in different parts of the world has been cut down due to the pandemic, but slowly things are picking up, and she can’t wait to connect with her audience once more.   Timestamps [02:30] Lindsey speaks about the reasons why she picked the women’s niche. [5:10] How to create multiple streams of income [7:40] What you need to know as a starter to get your online business up and running. [11:25] The need for strong energy and mindset in business. [16:15] Tools Lindsay uses for coaching and teaching more about entrepreneurship. [18:22] What exactly is entrepreneurship? Quotes “I just believe that I’m put on the planet to help women understand how powerful they are and that they can have what they want in life.” “If you learn how to focus, the world is yours.” “If you don’t have the confidence, energy, and the mindset to execute, you will just be spinning your wheels.” “The fastest way to success is to prioritize people before profits. And in prioritizing people, you will, in turn, have the profits.” Connect with Lindsey Website - Instagram - Podcast -

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