SDS 451: Translating PhD Research into ML Applications

av SuperDataScience | Publicerades 3/11/2021

Dan Shiebler joins us to discuss his category theory Ph.D. program, his full-time job at Twitter, and how the two crossover and combine in his overall data work. In this episode you will learn: • Dan’s neuroscience undergrad and MATLAB [4:12] • Dan’s Ph.D. timeline and research [14:01] • How to start a Ph.D. while working full time [22:45] • Dan’s work at TrueMotion and label data [30:39] • Dan’s title and role at Twitter [39:15] • Specific projects at Twitter [44:09] • What skills someone should bring to a Twitter job interview [52:06] • What machine learning approaches will be important in the future? [1:00:38] Additional materials:

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