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Avengers: Age of Ultron

av Superhero Cinephiles | Publicerades 3/15/2021

Now that WandaVision is complete, we revisit the film that introduced the Vision and Scarlet Witch. We talk about why even though many consider it the redheaded stepchild of the Avengers films, we both love it. We praise James Spader's underrated performance, discuss how Hawkeye is the glue of the Avengers, and explain why we think Aaron Taylor Johnson is a superior Quicksilver to Evan Peters. And yes, we do address the Black Widow/Hulk stuff that set the internet on fire once upon a time.

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Author and comic book fan Perry Constantine is your guide into the world of superhero film and TV! In each episode, Perry and a guest tackle a different movie or TV show and go into detail about what works and what doesn't, trying to focus on the stuff they enjoy as opposed to ranting about the stuff they hate.