Superman in 2020

The latest episode of the Superman Confidential podcast takes a look at the Man of Steel in 2020. Superman in 2020 Final 2 parts of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths released in January Superman: Red Son debuted in February Justice League Dark: Apokolips War debuted in May Marking the end of the DCAMU Henry […]

Om Podcasten

Superman Confidential covers the Man of Steel's latest news as well as the more than 80 year history of the character. This podcast covers Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and the Superman Family in movies, television, and comic books. FIlms such as Man of Steel, television shows like Supergirl, Krypton, and Metropolis will be discussed, as well as regular looks at Superman and Action Comics, the Justice League, and more. The show also explores historical adaptations such as Lois & Clark and Smallville.