Cold Hawaii & Heavy Water - With Casper Steinfath (Part 1)

Casper Steinfath is the Danish paddler who has brought the Viking resilience he forged in the waters of Cold Hawaii, into the international racing scene With 6 world titles and 2 successes in the legendary and intimidating Red Bull Heavy Water , Casper has been there from the start, flying the flag as the most successful European racer on the world circuit. In part one of a two part interview, we talk about how he built his water skills and go deep into his racing career including his first race and his successes at those iconic Red Bull events. Casper's website (is here ) Connect with Casper on social media (Facebook) (Instagram) (You tube ) Rent or Buy his documentary: (Standing on Water on Vimeo Here) Keep up with SUPfm: on Facebook: (@SUPfmPodcast) on Instagram: (@supfmpodcast) AND subscribe to our newsletter (here) and get your FREE guide to the apps we recommend, to live your best SUP life Build the lifetime knowledge you need to keep safe on the water Our comprehensive online SUP Safety Course gives you the knowledge you need, to keep safe on the water and ALL FOR LESS than the price of an hours on-water tuition (£37) It's available here at ( See you on the water! Mentioned in this episode: This episode is sponsored by Baltic LifeJackets and Whasup Baltic’s innovation team have you covered with their specialist PFDs designed for SUP. The SUP Pro and SUP Elite give you maximum mobility on the board and in the water. The thin, compact and flexible buoyancy material on the front of the PFDs, makes it easier to get back on the board, and when you’re paddling it makes the buoyancy aid follow your paddle movement smoothly. Baltic are a Swedish based company, with the Swedish safety mindset, and they manufacture in Europe and sell across the world. To check out the SUP specific, SUP Pro and SUP Elite then follow this link and find out your country specific stockist : WhaSUP produce reasonably priced, high quality custom bags for all styles and sizes of boards and paddles and for all watersports. WhaSUP have developed an extensive range of protective board bags, from standard day bags to full on travel bags, and supply to individuals and teams, recreational riders and professionals all across the globe. Check out their range here: This Season's Sponsor is Starboard Thank you to Starboard for their continued sponsorship of this podcast. Follow the link for innovative products, advice and information (Starboard)

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