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My Year of Paddling Daily - With Dave Knight

This week we feature Dave Knight from @SUP3six5 who is nearing the end of his challenge to paddle daily for 365 days straight, to inspire others to connect with nature and water and boost their mental health. If you want to get a real taste of his exploits then the best place is on Instagram where you can check out his posts and his entertaining story highlights which have been built up lovingly over the last 350+ days. Check it out on Instagram at In this episode he shares his rebooting strategy and his 'quiver' of methods for managing his own mental health, with the core of this approach being time in, on and under the water. Completing this project has needed a huge combination of grit, motivation and organisation and a 'day at a time' approach. Throughout this year he's had the support of his partner Mia, his friends and family and also organisations including O'Shea, O'Neill and Henri Lloyd. Special mentions for his paddle buddy Tim Woodhead, and his frequent wingman Jude...and not forgetting Bow. Support the mental health work of the charity Mind by donating to Dave's fundraising page at He's due for a BIG finish on Saturday 30th October At Wildshore Delamere near Chester, finishing with a night paddle so give him a huge cheer as he crosses the line! Episode Name checks Previous guests mentioned in this episode, include Samantha Rutt, Brendon Prince and Professor Mike Tipton This episode is brought to you in association with Starboard. Starboard has a long history in board design, with Svein Rasmussen entering the windsurfing market with innovative designs back in 1994, building the brand to become market leader within a decade. The brand was quick to recognise the huge potential of stand up paddling and while maintaining careful consideration for their environmental impact, have continuously strived to produce the best boards and paddles for all abilities. Visit Starboard at Keep up with SUPfm on Facebook: (@SUPfmPodcast) Instagram: (@supfmpodcast) or subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down) ( and get your free guide to the best apps we recommend, to get your best SUP life Our comprehensive online SUP safety course gives you the knowledge you need to keep safe on the water and all for less than the price of an hours on water tuition (£37) . It's available here at See you on the water! Mentioned in this episode: The SUPfm SUP Safety Course Designed for beginner and intermediate level leisure paddlers we deliver the right safety topics, delivered with the appropriate level of detail. The course aims to help you become more confident and self-sufficient when you’re making your personal safety decisions. (Course)

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