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Anatomy of a Failed Surfpark - Jamie Meiselman

In 1999, Jamie Meiselman began the journey to build a wave pool for surfers, by surfers.  Raising capital and confidence in his vision, and fueled by kiwi Ph. D's artificial reef dreams and a solid business model, he broke ground in Orlando in 2005.  What follows is a tale of forces pulling the idea apart at the seams, literally.  Also, Jamie recounts his vision for better and heat-moldable booties and gloves, give rise to his new company, Solite Innovations.

Om Podcasten

In both Q and A and narrative format, we will hear stories from local surfers, filmmakers from around the world, and inspiring and/or charismatic folks who have a story to share. John Brooks and Kevin Miller will host in-person and Zoom-recorded chats.