The SveNFL AFC South Coach Breakdown Episode

av SveNFL | Publicerades 6/30/2021

The NCAA is down to a desperate final effort to keep their exploitation going. How did the NFL show support for Carl Nassib? What does the Kyle Pitts contract look like for Atlanta? What is the NFL trying to do about lack of minorities in coaching? Jon has a hot take on the issue. What final option does Aaron Rodgers have to not play in Green Bay? What is Dan Snyder up to in Washington? What's going on with Gilmore in New England? Finally, Jon breaks down the coaching staffs of the AFC South. Support this podcast at Don't forget to watch Schif's short film "Finito" on SVT.

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Comedian Jonathan Rollins and Actor/Writer Schiaffino Mussara are two Americans living in Sweden that never lost their love for the NFL. Hang out with Jon and Schif as they discuss what's happening with their lives, the League and life as a fan across the Atlantic Ocean.