Sweden in Transition

Sweden in Transition #4 - Elin Aronsen Beis, Zero food waste

av Sweden in Transition | Publicerades 8/7/2019

Foodloopz is a food waste marketplace B2B, so companies, organizations and the public sector with surpluses and wastage can meet other parties with needs. No company should destroy edible foods because they lack time, alternative customers or because of cannibalism of their own market. Instead the entire chain should buy, sell, donate or call for parties with good food that risk becoming shrinking and finding new ways in a cost-effective way, that is what Foodloopz does!

Om Podcasten

The podcast that meets change-makers in Sweden.In a world in need of urgent reinvention, they do things differently and explain why.Arrived from France, Sonia Le Masne is eager to meet transitioners and share her conversations with them... with you !In partnership with Stockholm Food Movement, an initiative powered by Impact Hub Stockholm, Sonia meets many activists and entrepreneurs making positive change within all things related to food; urban farming, food waste, alternative food networks, insect industry...She will explore the ideas of collapse, reinvention, happiness and purpose. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.