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Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast

Swish and Flick - BONUS EPISODE - Hey Ness Hey!

av Swish and Flick: A Harry Potter Podcast | Publicerades 4/8/2020

SURPRISE EPISODE! We were lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with a near and dear friend of ours, Ness! We get to know her Potter profile, dive into some Q&A, and a Harry Potter Would You Rather with ideas from all of our lovely listeners! Ness, thank you so much for chatting with us. We love you

Om Podcasten

www.swishflickcast.com We are a book club style podcast made up of four friends from each of the houses! We are rereading the Potter series chapter-by-chapter and putting together all our knowledge from the complete canon as well as adding in what we have learned from the Wizarding World. We explore unknown areas with fan theories and even come up with some theories and ideas of our own! And be warned - there will be spoilers!