Synthentral 20210928 New Tunesday

It's New Tunesday: new releases from the past week! Give the bands a listen and if you like what you hear then support the bands! Today's episode features new releases by AGNIS, Angel-Maker, Ankh Wave, Beat Noir Deluxe, Beatbox Machinery, BlackRabit, Blancmange, Child Of Night, Conscience, Corlyx, Dizzy Grraves, Droid Sector Decay, Duran Duran, Egoist, Electroforez, Eva-X, Fear Administration, FragileChild, Fraula, Future Holotape, Gulf Blvd, Hamerzya, Hostile Architect, L'Avenir, Les Longs Adieux, London Sadness, MONOMORTE, Munatix, Nature Of Wires, Nouveau Arcade, Order Of The Fallen, Oui Plastique, Outpost 11, Positronic, Prenome, Redundant Nature, Screamershock, seaofsin, Space March, Torul, Ugly Nature, Ultra Sunn, Violentene, Vlimmer, and Zak Vortex & Young Empress!

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