Synthentral 20211005 New Tunesday

It's New Tunesday: new releases from the past week! Give the bands a listen and if you like what you hear then support the bands! Today's episode features new releases by 2DCAT, Actors, ADACTA, Aesthetic Perfection, Antilav, Arclight Halo, Bekimachine, Bijou Noir, BlueForge, Capsules Of Energy, Civil Hate, Comfort Cure, Dani Tamayo, DEROSNEC, Diesein, Dracula Party, Drew Knight & Star Madman, Egotragik, El Ojo y la Navaja, Erasure, Ex-Hyena, ExoKult, Fairy Pussy, Francesca e Luigi, Ghost Twin, Giant Monsters On The Horizon, Hamerzya, Icarus, Imunar, Josie Pace, Lines Of Flight, LUIN, Mach FoX, Machina X, MAN1K1N, Massive Ego, MORE, Morthem Vlade Art, Neuroactive, Parralox, Princess Century, Probe 7, Psy'Aviah, Red Mecca, Sandor Gavin & ELYXIR, Ships In The Night, Sines, Strange Futures, Suffering For Kisses, Twisted Destiny, Unheard Sirens Incorporated, VH x RR, Voltron 2, Xenturion Prime, and Zoodrake!

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