Synthentral 20211019 New Tunesday

It's New Tunesday: new releases from the past week! Give the bands a listen and if you like what you hear then support the bands! Today's episode features new releases by 5TimesZero, Acid Arcade, Ácida Ácida, Alizeh Winter, All Systems Out, Claustraphobia, Color Theory, Curse Mackey, Demokratie, Diviso2, The Ending Nights, The Fair Attempts, Fleischkrieg, Flesh Insanity, Fluid Ghost, Glaring, Hatif, I Tpame I Tvrame, Insect Machine vs Bow Ever Down, Into The Blood, Kælan Mikla, KéPESLAP, Kontravoid, M.U.N.T. Connection, Not My God, Odonis Odonis, Operation Blue Eyes, Parralox, Red Industrie, The Singularity Music, Trevor Something, TSTI, and Vestron Vulture!

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