Synthentral 20211026 New Tunesday

It's New Tunesday: new releases from the past week! Give the bands a listen and if you like what you hear then support the bands! Today's episode features new releases by All Systems Out. Black Marble. Covered In Snow. Danny Blu. davaNtage. Deflexity. Duran Duran. Eisfabrik. Ekidna. Eminent Sol. Enhok. Fermion. Francesca e Luigi. Giant Monsters On The Horizon. Jamie Jamal. LA Nights. Larva. The Last Years. Leæther Strip. Nass Zuruck. Nation Of Language. Neoslave. NeuroWulf. N-Frequency. Non-Lieu. Nox Nave. Order Of The Fallen. Parralox. Propter Hoc. Prospexx. Rupesh Cartel. Same Eyes. Sedona Port. Slow Danse With The Dead. Social Ambitions. Suffer Ring. SynthAttack. Terror Forms. Thrillsville. Unheard Sirens Inc.. Violentene. Xeno & Oaklander. and Yota!

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