Synthentral 20211119 Catch-Up Friday

It's Catch-Up Friday: previous releases in 2021 I didn't get in time for the normal New Tunesday show. Give the bands a listen. If you like what you hear, then support the bands! Today's episode features music by Angry Pete, Anniee, Atropine, The Brides Of The Black Room, Dark Insights, Едешь, Ego†Error, Electro Synthetic Rebellion, f.o.d., Foxy Panic, Grimdeluxe, Ironfield, Klypi, Lola Kumtus, Machine Kaputt, Mad Tragic, Microchip Terror, Neon Radiation, No Trust In Dawn, Onyx Dust, PC World, Pixelstorm, Pretty Addicted, Priest, Red Sleeping Beauty, Sendust, Silent Star, St. Digue, Symmetrix, Triumphant Race, Utgang, Vellocinate, The Viirus, and Yan Wagner!

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