#4: Salted Egg Mania

Salty, sweet, umami-laden flavor bombs, the humble salted egg has brought about a heady level of opulence and hype. In recent years, in parts of Southeast Asia, we've seen salted egg sauces slathered onto burgers and ribs, whisked into custards and cakes, and in its most popular rendition—turned into the dangerously addictive salted egg fish skin chips. But salted egg is far from a food fad, because as an ingredient, it has been used in Chinese and Asian cooking for over a thousand years, and we'll only see a steady rise in salted egg madness. So from congee condiment to Ultraman stalls, flowing lava buns to crispy fish skin chips, this episode is all about salted egg, and its journey to culinary stardom. (Connect with us at takeabaopodcast.com, or on Instagram @jun.and.tonic.)

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