#8: Tea and Tranquility

Tea is often viewed as a source of calm, of zen, of mindfulness. And in this episode, we'll lean into all of that, and more, through a tea tasting session. We touch on the history of Chinese tea, have plenty of laughs in learning to describe different varieties of tea, and seek some life advice from a tea connoisseur. And hopefully, through this episode, you'll feel a little more collected and connected. After all, in these turbulent times we’re in, we could all do with a little more grounding and zen in our lives. (Connect with us at takeabaopodcast.com, on Instagram @jun.and.tonic. And since this is the last episode for Season 1, to keep up with more food things in the lull between seasons, you can find Jun on his blog junandtonic.com.)

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Take A Bao is a show exploring anything and everything around Asian food. From unpacking the origins of rice and rendang, to deep dives into the depths of Chinese tea and Vietnamese pho, this show aims to give voice to the intriguing food stories of Asia. On each episode, you'll learn about how the different cultures and communities across Asia shaped its food. You’ll hear from chefs, farmers, food writers, and eaters, learn how to cook and eat iconic Asian dishes, and really celebrate the food of Asia to give it the representation it deserves, letting it have its moment to—wait for it—take a bow!