Ep #257: Fading Affect Bias + Drinking

This week, learn what fading affect bias is and how it affects your drinking, why trying to focus on the shame and regret drinking brings you won’t help, and what will help you create permanent, sustainable change to your habit.     Get full show notes and more information here: https://rachelhart.com/257

Om Podcasten

Tired of breaking your promise to go easy on the drinks tonight? You know your nightly habit isn’t great for your health or waistline, but it’s so hard to say no. Sound familiar? Then you need Rachel. She knows what it’s like to be fed up with your drinking, worried about judgment from others, and turned off by approaches that focus on a higher power instead of brain science. Learn the exact steps she used to change her relationship with alcohol. Discover how the brain works, the real reason you crave a drink, the key to changing your desire, and how to decide what’s right for you. Create a life that is fun, spontaneous, relaxing, and, most importantly, pleasurable (no buzz necessary). For her latest free class, visit linktr.ee/rachelhart or check out rachelhart.com for show notes and more.