Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman

Monica Padman

av Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman | Publicerades 4/26/2021

Todays guest, Monica Padman, is one half of Armchair Expert Podcast with TYSO alum Dax Shepard! she’s an Actress, Producer and former external Hard Drive of Kristen Bell.  Monica opens the episode with compliments about TYSO being so “Advanced” in the podcast universe and Rick proceeds to have technical issues…mainly an uncooperative window reflection. Ever the co-host Monica assists with her new role as Window Washer at TYSO studios and they finally manage to get into the nitty gritty of podcasts, origin stories and money.  Rick’s love of Bombas socks leads to a new goal for Monica to procure them as a sponsor and we hear about the one Armchair Expert episode that never aired.  Monica divulges on her recent acting role on Curb Your Enthusiasm and what Larry David is like on set. Our host unpacks being “too much” and his inability to understand facial cues and Monica reveals some advice she received from Bill Gates about delegating.  We get to hear about her upcoming projects like Monica And Jess Love Boys (Season 2) and the expanding of the Armchair network as well why Dax has the best hair in the business.  Oh and Monica comes BACK for a FACT CHECK so stick around till the very end ;) Patreon Only content for the week is a MTG conversation about money, limited edition and everything Rick knows about collectables being worth the investment.  Shout out to our sponsor BETTERHELP and we’re helping you as a listener because you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at https://www.betterhelp.com/tyso! RICK GLASSMAN https://www.rickglassman.com​ https://www.patreon.com/takeyourshoesoff​ https://www.instagram.com/rickglassman​ MONICA PADMAN https://www.instagram.com/mlpadman https://armchairexpertpod.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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Hi, I'm Rick Glassman, and I'm a goofy guy and a cute boy. As a kid, I had debilitating OCD. I still have a lot of “things.” The title of my podcast “Take Your Shoes Off” is a microcosm of my need for control and order in a world that... keeps their shoes on. I created this podcast to showcase a more serious side, as I have conversations with some of the funniest and most interesting people in the world. I’ve learned the language of comedy in an attempt to survive this shoes-on world, so of course there will be some goofs and spoofs, but think of this podcast as you being a fly on the wall, as opposed to being an audience member in a theatre. Please, take your shoes off, and enjoy!