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Ep.71: The skeletons in my closet and hypo the hypocrite are all invited to this party!

Okay, okay! Not really, but I am diving into a recent bump in the road on my journey with self-love, self-acceptance, and all things body positive. Out of all things and despite it being, well, rough, it surely has been a humbling experience. One that I feel I must share and really want to share as I love each and every one of you and my story, like all of yours, we just never know who it might help! Alongside that, I NEVER want you to think for a moment that being a certified intuitive eating counselor means that it is any easier for me. SO not the case. Also, new to the podcast is the Q&A section! You can now text me your questions or leave me a voicemail at 980-236-1576! It is safe and secure and is sent straight to my phone! I will answer your questions on the podcast but never share any personal or identifiable information. Are we connected? Let's be friends! can learn more about Sam's Bloom Flourish Fitness community and join us here at,, or message me for a special invite with extra goodies!

Om Podcasten

Taking up space: the podcast is a space where not only do we share our stories, but we claim them while holding space for others to do the same. We embrace ourselves fully, our bodies, our quarks, everything. Hiding is simply not something that we do here. No more playing it safe, no more keeping it small and no more letting society or diet culture call the shots. We get to make our own rules, we define our beauty, our success, we get to decide the path for our own lives. We are ready to have the tough conversation, to heal our trauma and come together in a new way. We all have a space on this earth meant for us, a story, a passion, a purpose. We are here to be heard, to be fully seen and to take up space in this world. You are meant to take up space love.