Talaera Talks - Business English Communication

Talaera Talks - Episode Zero

av Talaera Talks - Business English Communication | Publicerades 12/30/2020

Your business English communication podcast for non-native professionals is here!Get to know the Talaera Talks team, meet communication experts Simon and Paola, and find out what you will learn in this series.Visit Talaera: http://talaera.com/Read our...

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Presenting in a meeting, networking at an event, or selling a product, they all have one thing in common - you need effective communication to succeed. Join business communication specialists Simon and Paola as they discuss real-world challenges for non-native speakers and how to solve them. How do I get my point across in meetings? How do I introduce myself? How do I explain complex information? Talaera Talks provides the best practices, vocabulary, and tools to help you communicate more effectively in today’s global workplace.https://offers.talaera.com/podcast-talaera-talks