Episode 3 - André Karpištšenko, Global Head of Data Science at Bolt

André Karpištšenko is the Global Head of Data Science at Bolt, a ride hailing company competing with giants such as Uber.  In this episode, André tells us about why he almost never uses the word AI in Bolt, how  Bolt is able to compete with much bigger competitors such as Uber with a much smaller team and why it is important to have a centralized Data Science team in a hypergrowth company. André also explains how Bolt prioritizes between all the potential data science use-cases, given their backlog of projects. Hope that you will enjoy the episode! #Data Science, #AI, #Artificial Intelligence, #Machine Learning, #ML

Om Podcasten

The Talk About AI podcast is a podcast about Artificial Intelligence that goes beyond the buzzwords and hype on the topic. In each episode, an AI-expert is invited as a guest to concretely discuss artificial intelligence.The host of the podcast is Patrik Liu Tran. Find out more information about the Talk About AI Podcast at www.talkaboutai.com #Data Science, #AI, #Artificial Intelligence, #Machine Learning