Episode 6 - Sonja Petrović Lundberg, CTO at Doctrin

Sonja Petrović Lundberg was the Chief Technology Officer at the medtech company Doctrin until August 2020 (when the episode was recorded) and is currently the Chief Product Officer at 29k.The medtech company Doctrin was founded to radically improve healthcare using automation and intelligent digitization. In this episode, we discuss which parts of the patient journey that can be improved the most with the help of AI. Sonja gives her view on whether medical doctors need to worry about being replaced by AI algorithms. We also talk about user reported data that is very common within the health care industry, and the data quality issues that are related to such data. These and many more topics are covered in this episode. Enjoy the episode! #Medtech, #Healthcare, #Automation, #Data Science, #Artificial Intelligence, #AI, #Machine Learning, #ML

Om Podcasten

The Talk About AI podcast is a podcast about Artificial Intelligence that goes beyond the buzzwords and hype on the topic. In each episode, an AI-expert is invited as a guest to concretely discuss artificial intelligence.The host of the podcast is Patrik Liu Tran. Find out more information about the Talk About AI Podcast at www.talkaboutai.com #Data Science, #AI, #Artificial Intelligence, #Machine Learning