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Talk Heathen 03.37 2019-09-15 with Eric Murphy & Gayle Jordan

av Talk Heathen | Publicerades 9/15/2019

On Today's show we have Gayle Jordan from The Recovering From Religion organization. Learn more about RFR here:

Callers on today's show:

A- Preston, Florida: Recovered addict, been in 12 step for 8 years, how can I go about setting up a secular recovery group?
T- Len, Arizona: In transition "a terrible catholic"; how are morals part of Darwinian evolution?
A- Gabe, Missouri: Application of Pascal's Wager; is it ever valid or is it completely a fallacy?
T- Michael, UK: How can we discount the existence of a creator?
T- Brian, California: Has a hypothesis as to how God(s) exist, but they don't care about you and why!
T- Kathy, Pennsylvania: Barely a believer. How do you overcome your fear of hellfire and damnation?
A- Louis, North Carolina: Atheism in Hispanic culture; how do I find support when there is so much social pressure towards religion.
A- Sue, Washington: Undecided theist/atheist; How can we have objective morality without a higher power

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