Talk Heathen 06.03 01-16-2022 with JMike and Jesus Christ

Greeting Heathens! Today we have Jmike joined by the actual Jesus Christ (JC)! Will the real Jesus Christ please stand up?First up is Tristan from TX that has some thoughts about how to prevent climate change and getting people to understand that our world matters. The idea that we can try and not do good enough, is not a reason to not try. Just do the most you can do, and don’t get hung up on everyone else. How would you ever know if it was not enough unless you can falsify the prior attempts?Next we have Rain in UT that wants to learn more about debating presuppositionalists and what points can be most effectively used. Supply the argument that makes the contrary impossible. Are there any set of observations that the person has that can not be attributed to a god? If one of the definitions of god is that everyone knows this god exists, and one person is found that did not know of this existence, then the supposition is false.Jeff from OH says the mind and body can’t be trusted and we need an arbitrator because the mind and body are not our friends. He wants to know if the mind can do anything to help with well being. JC says our perceptions and ideas can fail us, though the mind and body are the same. Just because you are confused about something, does not mean the conclusion used to fix it is true. If you don’t understand this, it is personal incredulity. If it is a fact that Jesus is the arbitrator, then how does one demonstrate this and why believe it if it can’t be demonstrated?Next we have The Recipe from Canada that presents a weak argument about the 7 day week. Jmike asks for the inference rule of this claim. The caller tries to use a raising voice with aggression method to assert that the Hebrew God is what all nations follow because he invented the 7 day week and predicted this 2,000 years ago. The caller is asked if Hinduism is true because of the close prediction of the age of the universe, but that just made him more aggressive straw-manning the host’s position.Austin in MS does not want to leave a loved one behind after death. Being dead is just like being asleep. There is not really anything to be afraid of, other than those around you that miss and love you, feeling sad. That is not good or bad; it is just how it is. There are resources to help with this fear.Gabriel in Canada believes Jesus is real because he can be seen on the screen as a host. He would like some tips on creating an atheist group in his area. Join our Facebook and Discord groups to reach out to people within these groups. TikTok is a good one because of the eyes on it all day long; there are plenty of resources to check out.Last we have Chase in Al that has questions about how to deal with a closed minded Christian family. It is difficult to talk someone out of something quickly that they were not talked into quickly.Shout out to all the first responders, Uber drivers, and the crew! Thank you for joining us and have a great week!

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