Talk Heathen 06.05 01-30-2022 with JMike and Johnny P Angel

Greetings! Today we have Jmike and Johnny P. Angel are partners in the crime of dancing through various caller challenges.First caller is Rao who is asking about simulation theory and whether or not we can prove that we exist. The caller brings up Dr. James Gates Jr. who found a string of ones and zeros that are not similar to but identical to the error correcting code that we find in our search engines today. The caller agrees that we care about the independent data, not who said it. We do not know how to falsify this theory or the expectations that are supposed to be generated by this theory, but it can be rivaled with any other theory. There is not enough information here for us to determine if this is true. If you don’t understand the math, why does this take precedence over the facts? If we are in a simulation, it sets us up for playing a role. We will all dig some more into this and do some more research. The caller also mentions to get the god claim out of this hypothesis.Next is Thomas from TN that wants to talk about people who don’t believe we were ever Christians after deconversion. The caller realized that praying was like talking to air and described that as the reason for stopping the god belief. What does what people think matter to you? The caller also described his past life as Rock n Roll and secular, even though he was a believer. People who believe and don’t believe use different frameworks to describe their lifestyles.Sal in OH is our last caller who talks about the ability to question oneself. Both of their parents are anti vax conservative Christians and have accused Sal of having too much pride. Dad will show them conspiracy theories about the vaccines. Dad continues to default to government control and removing people’s rights. Show your dad the data and challenge the theories. Ask the question of how you learned of this information. As long as you are willing to engage, you will need to keep poking holes in the theories. Most importantly, you will need to address the reason why he chooses to toss out certain information that is abundantly available. Find out what constitutes a reliable source to your dad. Ask what methodology was used to determine these points. Is this information that already feeds into his beliefs?Thank you to the essential workers and those in the front lines. If we are able to promote critical thinking and get vaccinated, we can get through this quicker. Bye Heathens!

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