Talk Heathen 06.06 02-06-2022 with Kenneth Leonard and JMike

Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Kenneth Leonard is joined by JMike. Ooooh, two powerhouses co hosting together, this should be a great show!Let’s get to calls! Xeno claims that their epistemology is correct, ours definitely incredibly flawed. He goes on to say everything has a beginning, just look at your fingers. He also says that because we are Atheists, our epistemology is biased and conflicted. Then he complains that “it was smoother on another show.” Just get it out guy. Wow.Joe in Minnesota is up next, he says God is something greater than ourselves. Some would say even a higher power. This sounds like someone is willing to misunderstand probability. And if there is a god, they shouldn’t have to share horrific events that you missed to show they exist.Sean in Oregon had a frustrating confrontation with his In-Laws about religion and his recovery. He is also very concerned about his daughter becoming indoctrinated. A good recommendation would be to set distinct boundaries and have a conversation with your daughter when the time comes.Richard in the UK is wondering if there is one true religion because of the majority of callers that call in. Are there good arguments for theism or a likely true religion? That’s not really a good way to assess whether or not a religion is more than likely true. JMike gets into this question from his perspective.Kathy in Illinois has something in particular to talk about, a bitterness that happens when coming out of religion. How does one approach this especially with potential mental illness which may cause some discouragement in deconverting. Recovering from Religion is a great resource to get help.’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and please please PLEASE get vaccinated if you can. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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