Talk Heathen 06.10 03-06-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Jim Barrows

Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Truth Heathen/Talk Wanted, Objectively Dan is joined by the inimitable Jim Barrows.Let’s get to calls! Britany from North Carolina asks why she believes in Jesus. She goes on to talk about a personal experience where she heard the bold voice and vision of an angel (and coincidentally was very ill at the time.) Could this be due to a fever or hallucinations from this illness?Grant in Canada is up next, The King James Bible is true and he can prove it! He goes on to claim that all humans come from Noah and has a very poor understanding of heraldry and human history. He is incredibly wrong on so many levels.Xeno in South Korea, is equating the existence of a possible god or creator to creating applications or programs using an ontology argument. He also starts talking about probability of life forms outside the Earth, and math that isn’t based on physics and reality. Oh boy, this is a fun call.RespectivelyStan in California is wondering about questioning his reality and depression after deconverting. He had gone through a year worth of therapy and wants to know what we think about all of this.Dave in Wisconsin tries to explain how Christianity warmed his heart. I wonder if this experience is the same thing as people who get the chills or feel “extra” when listening to specific pieces of music or seeing specific media. As Dan says during the call, brains are weird yo.Last call alert! Jack in Texas poses another ontological argument for the existence of God which assumes that God exists and God created everything because Atheists don’t believe. Hmmm. Interesting take, wonder how Jim and Dan will approach this.That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and please please PLEASE get vaccinated if you can. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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