Talk Heathen 06.11 03-13-2022 with Kenneth Leonard And Richard Gilliver

Greetings heathens and theists! Today we have the amazing combo of Kenneth Leonard and Richard Gilliver who will tackle calls from a variety of atheists and repeat caller, Setuf.First up is Hawk from IL who is troubled by being told by theists that he never really believed and is now wondering if that is the case. Normally when people say that you never really believed, it is a tactic to get away from whether their own beliefs are legit. Recovering From Religion is an excellent resource to help with this kind of struggle. What is relevant is whether you believed true things, not things that are false.Next up is Setuf from Spain who states it is not possible to not be a vegan and be against animal cruelty at the same time. If someone consumed surplus milk from a cow on a farm, it that animal cruelty? What does this have to do with whether there is a god or not, and how is it relevant to our show? This is not Talk Vegan.Next is Ruth in CA who was traumatized by being kicked out of church when she was around eight years old because she asked about how people repopulated after Noah’s Ark. Her dad was an atheist and her mom is a Seventh Day Adventist. They never brought up religion to each other and stuck by that. Her friend was married to a born again pastor and would claim that god created everything, including the science show they were watching together. How does she know god created this? Ruth, you are an awesome breath of fresh air and we can listen to you all day!Tanjil from Au is next with a point about Buddhism being full of spirits and misogyny. There is a question about many schools of Buddhism there are. Are any of these schools absent of spirits or misogyny? Where did the conception come from that Buddhism is a secular religion? If the whole model is about obtaining nirvana, isn't that where the misogyny comes in since one must be re-birthed as a male?Gene in Texas was raised in a strict church, but managed to never be indoctrinated. When his mom read the story of Adam and Eve to him, it seemed like a weird fairy tale. His mom told him it was real and he wondered why she would lie to him like that. Oftentimes what one believes boils down to lineage and what the ancestors believed. There are plenty of intelligent people who are believers and we do not like when others in the atheist community paint the religious as dumb. Be tuned in to your own vulnerability and be careful not to believe things for the wrong reasons.It looks like all our religious viewers got raptured or maybe it is daylight savings. That is all folks, take care and see you next show.

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