Talk Heathen 06.13 03-27-2022 with JMike and Kenneth Leonard

Today we have JMike and Kenneth Leonard who show mastery of tackling caller’s questions with Talk Heathen.First we have Billie in IN who wants to know how she can be in her job yet still be true to her values. She encounters people who say their religion makes them feel good and she is asked to promote prayer. The same set of skills apply to people regardless of their religion. If you see someone who is relying on their religion, we want to emphasize that life skills are not dependent on religion. Focus on giving people the skill sets they need to be successful.Next is Chuck from IL that wants to know about cave paintings showing dinosaurs. Discovering drawings in a cave before people had knowledge does not prove the Bible. Not only do we need to prove drawings relation to reality, but we also can’t attribute them to any particular religion. Creationists are forced into not being honest. They buy into it because they need it to be true by starting from the conclusion and working their way backwards. Theists see a world that is consistent with their god because they do not understand how to do the work of thinking.Colton in IN who has managed to get out of religion, but believes there are aspects of the human mind that are in need of a higher power. The hosts work through the following questions with the caller: Does it matter that a person’s beliefs are true? Why wouldn’t logic and reason be superior to what actually helped you get out of religion? How do you differentiate between a deity and your imagination? You are more capable than you think you are and do not need the magic feather.Tomas in Argentina wants to understand the religious perspective better. Everybody is susceptible to believing nonsense. Try to have a principle of charity when reading where people are coming from. The more you read about decision making and belief, the more you can emphasize.Gene in TX has a challenge with a friend who is trying to convince him that god exists and that god is his go to guy. The friend is not open to listening to his perspective. How is the relationship beneficial? If someone calls you out of the blue to talk about god, it sounds like you need to figure out if he is okay and what is going on. Don’t turn it into a lecture. Focus on why they accept this and what methodology was used.Will in CO had an awkward experience with someone from Billy Graham’s organization trying to preach to him as they were helping with the horrific incident of his house burning down. They used a real fire to try and save you from a fictional fire. It would be worth it to set clear boundaries. It is like the service that is being performed is being held ransom for conversion. It is opportunistic to take people at their weakest moment. There are secular groups that do an excellent job with organizing and can help out with situations like this.Thank you for tuning in and we will see you next week!

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