Talk Heathen 06.15 04-10-2022 with Katy Montgomerie and Genevieve

In today’s episode we have the amazing duo of Katie Montgomerie and Genevieve who will see if callers can convert them by calling and giving it the best arguments.First up is Ruth in CA who studies science and quantum physics. She brings up to religious people these questions: Did god create this huge area that we can’t explore including black holes, radiation, and solar flares? In a universe so vast, why would we be the center of creation? Why did god not even give us gills, wings, or the eyes of a bee? Why did god create Covid? The discussion led to pondering the types of religious upbringing that can be considered child abuse such as conversion therapy, young earth, or women being inferior.Next is Forest in MA that would like to talk about bringing down the wall when communicating with religious people. He uses Philippians 4:8 as Hitchens suggests to assist with this process. If people are not wanting to know what is true, then they are not true Christians. Katie tends to not use verses when talking with Christians because they are open to interpretation. Genevieve has an approach where she will ask them if they want to make sure that what they believe is true when there are such high stakes involving eternity. She would like to see an inquisitive mind with what people believe.Billy in TX states that atheists don’t argue against the existence of god well and just because the universe is hostile, and religious people are stupid, does not mean there is not a god. He never heard Christians say that god made the universe for them and says that most scientists will tell you that random mutation will not get us where we are now. He thinks that the hosts' responses are pointless and does not understand how mutations can be caused by the environment. He angrily wanted the hosts to prove what the majority of scientists believe. Should we contact every scientist and ask them? Why did god just not skip the whole heaven and hell thing and make the universe a giant playground? The two displayed patience as the caller got abusively belligerent with plenty of accusations and ad hominems. Billy, strength does not come from suffering, but it comes from what the hosts have shown you.Thank you for tuning in and we will see you next week for more fun with Heathens!

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