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Guitar Tone Master Adam from FU-Tone Talks With Mark

av Talking with Mark Strigl Podcast | Publicerades 3/17/2021

Adam Reiver from FU-Tone is talking to Mark Strigl about early 80s guitars, Eddie Van Halen, Warren DeMartini, working on guitars, the EVH D-Tuna, Greg Renoff, the Empire Rock Club in Philly, tremolo systems, wireless vs. cords, guitarist Jack Devine and much more. Follow Adam on Twitter: @FU_Tone Check out Please share this episode on social media.  Thanks! Subscribe to Mark's weekly email here: Follow Mark Strigl: @talkingmetal  Follow Mark Strigl on Instagram. Please consider supporting this show by making a PayPal donation. Get bonus content and support Mark Strigl on Patreon: #EVH #talkingmetal #Strigl #EddieVanHalen #Ratt #FU-Tone #heavymetal #guitars #floydrose #dtuna.      Support the show: See for privacy information.

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