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Sevi Is Talking With Mark Strigl

av Talking with Mark Strigl Podcast | Publicerades 3/1/2021

Mark provides an update on how to support the show and he interviews singer/songwriter Svetlana Bliznakova AKA Sevi about her new solo album Tomorrow.  Topics include songwriting, the instruments on the album, Alexandra Zerner, Jonny Gioeli, the band Sevi, COVID-19 numbers in Bulgaria, and much more.  Thanks to Steven Sailer for helping line up the interview. Listen to the full Tomorrow album on YouTube Apple Music, or Spotify. For more info on the band Sevi, check out their website here. Please share this episode on social media.  Thanks! Subscribe to Mark's weekly email here: Follow Mark Strigl: @talkingmetal  Follow Mark Strigl on Instagram. Please consider supporting this show by making a PayPal donation. Get bonus content and support Mark Strigl on Patreon: #markstrigl #talkingmetal #Strigl #Sevi     Support the show: See for privacy information.

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